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#15585 - i was not expecting the reaction i got from her she camre closer to me took hold of my hand and said james i have known for a long time that you love me and i am so in love with you i cant stand it when you fuck my daughter and i want it to be me with that said our lips met in a lustfull kiss i took susan to my bedroom where i practicly ripped her clothes off she said although i want you to make love to me i want a good hard fucking more she threw me on the bed and grabbed my hard cock . first let me introduce my self my name is james i am 30 years old and my girlfriend lisa is 25 this story is all about how i became lovers with her hot sexy mum. so this is where your hidding is it susan shouted i jumped in panic and grabbed a towel what the fuck i said susan just stood there laughing she said i knew you made this trip up because you wanted to avoid me over the bathroom incident so i thought i would come and check on you and besides you saw me naked so i got to get a bit of revenge.

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Jiyu nanohana
Well at least i like her outfit
Sooo hot
She drinks gallons of dumbbitchjuice on twitter but she s still hot
Ayako mitsuzuri
I ve been a very bad boy