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#124466 - “I’m so sorry for staring” “It’s alright Tom, no harm done” Jane carried on adjusting her dress and looking in the mirror, standing in the middle of the room as she spun around “Do you like it” “It looks very nice” “Will you unzip me again please” Jane’s with her back to the window stood still while I pulled the zip down, seeing her bra strap then the top of her knickers. “Could you help me put some boxers in the loft when you are finished, I’ll make some lunch for you as well,” Jane said Knocking on the door I went in and give a shout “I’m in here Tom” Following her voice I found her in her bedroom “I’m sorting some boxes out from the move, just some old stuff” The bed was covered in clothes, fancy dress stuff but very short, a nurses outfit, various maids outfit, school girl with a tartan skirt, a policewoman and so on, then there was sexy basques and suspender belts and stockings. Jane had the basket on the table putting the damp clothes onto a clothes airy, fiddling

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