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#354716 - He thereafter spread the saliva over Riku’s entryway, slowly massaging in a spiral till he got to the spot he sought, where one finger, then two, with little resistance slipped in. With Yuuze in place, he sat down in an old rickety couch to watch the spectacle – his father had given it to him, said it was “the first thing I bought after I moved out”, which was located just at the passage between the living room area and the hallway, and thus a place Riku was sure to look at much later than he reached Yuuze. Crawling on all fours he finally got to Yuuze, and sniffed his way up his legs towards his crotch; and to reach further, he put his hands around Yuuze’s knees, hidden in the leggings of Kisaki’s costume, and finally got to what he sought: the cock.

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Maya ibuki
The youtube interview was a really nice touch can you please fuck a white girl next
She the real mvp