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#353669 - On the wall opposite the stairs was a picture of Narcissa , feeling the rage well up inside her she pointed her wand at the egotistical woman sat in the portrait her eyes gazing down at Bella, it would have been better if Narcissa was in the picture but it didn’t matter. He didn’t move, the hand that Bella was holding out pulled back , and went to strike Draco’s face once more , but he was quicker than Bella and he had caught her arm gripping it fiercely he pulled her closer to him, Bella was trying to wiggle herself free but as he came closer , fear overwhelmed her and she was still , he put his mouth near her ear “Don’t Be a Bitch” he breathed he bent down and kissed her neck tenderly and she lent backwards into him, closing her eyes, but he let her arm drop down her side and he stalked down the hall towards the door he had come out of , taking Bella’s Wand with him into his study. “stop it Bella” Draco shouted clutching her closer to him.

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