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#226295 - So I knelt down next to her and watched as the milk squirted from her breast and into the milk bottle my cock had reached its full nine inches watching her milk herself, I saw a drop of milk falling from her right nipple I reached out with my finger and stroked it against her nipple, making her moan in surprise and pleasure and I looked into her eyes as I put my finger to my mouth and sucked the milk off of my finger, I then put my mouth to her breast and sucked drinking her delicious milk, “Mmmm oh god Steve don’t stop that feels amazing suck it all down baby” I sucked on her nipple harder letting my tongue flick against her nipple eliciting a moan out of her and making her open her legs opening up her pussy to my fingers, I ran my hand up her thigh and stroked her wet outer lips as I sucked on her tit, I stroked her pussy with my fingers making her moan and grind her ass into the sofa, I took my mouth off of her breast and started kissing her as I slowly slid my finger into her p

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