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#277013 - The dishes are passed around and Joe makes sure to get as much of the vegetables as possible unlike Andy who of course dishes up as much of the macaroni and cheese as he can. His gasp breaks the kiss and he looks at Maryse who has a lustful look in her eyes and seems to be measuring his cock, she looks up and grins at him “Well Joe it seems that you have quite a tool hidden in there” Joe can feel the blood rushing to his cheeks again, Maryse leans closer “If you want my silence you will have to fuck me Joe” Her blue eyes make it clear that there is no other way to get out of this “And why would anybody believe you and not me?” Her grin tells it all “Who is going to resist my little puppy eye face?” “I guess I was the only one so far” She nods and strokes her hand slowly up and down his shaft “You want to tell me that you don’t want to have sex with me Joe?” Her touch sends shivers down Joe’s spine “OK, OK Maryse I’ll do it” She grins a cat-ate-th

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Red xiii
Love it
Mai tokiha
Good girl
Deishuu kaiki
I was lucky enough to snag her while back in vegas that girl is nasty