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#137261 - she did this many times as she stared into the TV with a blank stare, I was just in shock and was freaking out dam this was my little sister and it was making me so fucking crazy Horney I wanted to watch her all day, she was really into her fingering herself her face was turning red as she wriggled her hand in her shorts, I wish she was naked doing this, and I thought I wonder if she does this all the time hoping I can watch again. well for the next few nights Mom didn’t really want me to, as I put it Learn anything about women, so things went back to somewhat normal, till mom said my little sister is coming home this weekend and I would have to stay with the babysitter and help watch her while Mom was at work, oh crap there goes moms educating me about sex, now there’s no way mom will do it now. well the next morning we had breakfast and Mom said she was going to stop in at work to drop off some stuff and she was going shopping for food for us and did we want any special deserts ,we

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