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#216462 - “Do you want anything else with this dad”? “How about a sausage or two” returning to the fridge Lucy bent over again, as she did she pulled her skirt up so her dad could clearly see her pussy, with these cooking she asked if there was anything else he wanted, as she waited for his answer she saw noticed the tent starting to form in his trousers, she smiled to herself knowing he had took the bait and now all she had to do was reel him in. He rolled her onto her back and started pounding into her with a slow steady pace, as her pussy was soaking wet soft squelching noises filled the room, giggling Lucy said, “You’ll need to fuck me long and hard to make me come again” “I intend to”. She was nearing her house when she saw her uncles car coming towards her, she ducked back into a garden and watched it pass, she saw her mother in the car and wondered where they were going, taking this opportunity she ran home and her younger sister opened the door to her.

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Stunning as always wow
Which hentai is that scene