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#9937 - She felt he might be reluctant to take her places she wanted to go if he knew her to be underage, and she was fortunate to look mature enough to avoid questions from bartenders. His semen-filled balls swung freely below, slamming against the widespread crevice of her buttocks with a loud wet smacking noise, as her full, sensuously formed young breasts quivered and jerked on her chest from the impact of his lunge. The flanges of her virgin pussy were parted outward, the soft hair-lined cuntal lips spread open and wrapped tightly around the huge bulbous head of his cock, poised and ready to drive far up inside her helpless body, tearing her well-protected young virginity into useless shreds as it passed.

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This is the right way to fuck a girl
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Wow what a beautiful asshole i would bet that it smells just as good as it looks
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You can tell by the spasms of his body and by his moans how good those fucking throat pie feel