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#111444 - As she relaxed from her orgasm she slid down further until with a sigh she moved all the way down on my cock, I was now firmly embedded all the way up her arse and could feel the gearknob pushing against my cock knob through the thin wall between. Her fingers were really starting to fly in and out as she moaned, “I’m so horny I could fuck a traffic cone right now” keeping up the slight pressure on the back of my head. When ever I had a full car Pat would always sit on the console with her legs on either side of the hump but had to sit upright to give me enough room to select second or fourth gears as the gearstick was hard up between her legs, I usually went from first to third to save her moving but when we got up a bit of speed I had to use top gear in the four speed manual gearbox.

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