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#261557 - “So Teri just so you know three more friends are coming over and they want some sex and guess who’s going to be supplying it for them?” The look in her eyes is pure fear “Oh and Rob, Keith and I are still looking for more!” Then a blatant lie “If you want Sherry to get away without taking any fucking you’ll take us all willing you understand?” She nods her head more tears flowing “Good then you know what to do to prove it to me!” she stretches out and spreads her legs as I drop my pant take hold of my cock and starts to piss on her, spraying from her chest to her pubes. Rushing over to her, trying to untie her before anyone else comes in, I succeed in get the gag around her mouth off then her hands free As she massage the blood back into her arms and hands, I manage to get her feet free. Laughing at her as she tries to protect her face with her hands “Now who needs another shower! Go clean up once more then get your ass down into the basement dressed sexily unless you want S

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Risa matoba
Like if u like a footjob vid
Ren isuzu
I really enjoyed that hentai it stated my day off well