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#351585 - Her hand were sooo soft I started to moan a little, she reached my shorts where she began to feel the sides, my pockets then she ordered me to pen my legs to feel between them because most of the drug dealers hide their merchandise in these sensitive areas. By the way I didn’t tell you what I was wearing and what do I look like, im 5,5 hazel eyes with brownish blonde hair, my tits are 34CC, and at that day I was wearing a blue t-shirt and a jeans short and some sport socks and boots, and underneath, a white panties and blue bra. I opened my arm wide and she started to search my belly them going up to search my arm from out to the inner side, then she reached my tits, she cupped my tits with her hands, my nipples were sooo hard and erect and showing even through the bra.

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