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#137091 - next my ankles were tied together, i was now captured, naked and his to abuse he rolled me so i was face up, his cock was out and very hard, he straddled my face and began to rub his big dick over my lips smearing his pre-cum all over me, he grabbed my nose and eventually i had to open my mouth to breath, as soon as i did he shoved his cock right in making me gag as his length slid right down to my throat. come on, get naked or i will tell everyone how i caught you playing with your horses dick i havent played with it i said yes but no one else knows that now i want you as naked as the day you were born, get your clothes of f and if your lucky i might give you them back to go home in i stood there for a moment waiting for him to say he was joking, i soon reolised he wasnt come on get naked for me now never mind i will just tell everyone what ive seen he said as he walked off no wait, ok ok i will strip for you, please just dont tell anyone

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