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#132577 - James was 20 when he and his class went on a school trip to the museum . James was in a good shape but not a atletic he had short brown hair ,brown eyes and a little tan while Lisa was perfect she had long brown hair , brown eyes a great petite shape that became thicker because at her tight ass and a pair of breast where every guy always stared at . James looks down and sees his newest property bobbing and gagging on his cock good job little sister he says as she smiles and starts to get wet at the compliment of her brother looking up to her brother with those perfect blue eyes as James pulls out letting her breath again after gagging on his cock listen to me from now on I'm your master I will the only one that can fuck you whenever I feel like it everything I say is your command understand me ? he says as he looks down at her sister with a little spit hanging down her chin yes master she answers looking up to him good go lay on my bed he says as she springs up and rushes o

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