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#22839 - We both groan with that orgasm, Monica is lying there panting hard as are we. When she’s done I said it’s graduation day and she looks at me, smiles saying I do believe you’re right and she taps dad on his shoulder saying I’m turning over, wait a moment and she gets on her hands and knees allowing dad to lie under her and is now licking her pussy as I come up behind her, she hands me a jar of Vaseline saying use this and so I smear some on me and some in her asshole. I said you’re joking right? She smiled taking my shaft into her mouth and sucking me off into her mouth, she shows me my load then proceeds in swallowing it and licking her lips and the head of my shaft saying does this look like I’m joking? I helped her up, I started taking off her clothes as she stood there, she says have you ever had sex before? I said no, but I’m positive you can teach me what I need to do and know.

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