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#298039 - The foot steps got closer and closer it was a women in her 20's it seems she just stood there watching these two teenagers fuck eachothers brains out she grabed my ass cheeks and said nice and firm i didnt take any notice nor did mallory she was still screaming omg chris omg im going to reach my prime i continued to fuck her i could feel myself brusing mallory screamed and i felt this warm liqud slither down my shaft i put my hand on my shaft and licked my fingers it was her cum i tasted her cum it soon made me cum mallory made me lick it all up again. she started to suck it and i could feel all these feelings on my penis the end of my dick touching her tonsoles and the end of her tounge licking the start of my balls she went so slow it was hard to cum but felt so, so unlike any feeling i could give myself i took my out of her mouth she let out a moan and the puppy dog eyes i moved my hands down to her pussy it wasnt like anything i have felt before she undid her jeans

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