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#75553 - I swooned from the feel of his big hard-on sliding in, I locked to him tighter with my arms, hooked my ankles behind his back and puffed into his ear, “Fuck me like I’m your girlfriend. I’d fingered myself to the end a lot, but I had never felt as hot or needy as I did just then, I looked at my father, “Dad, Uh ----” He lifted his head from my breasts, “What is it sweetheart?” When he looked me in the eyes, my blood hit the boiling point, my body clenched, I started to convulse and I managed to gasp, “Untie me daddy, I need to move!” He pulled the slip knots binding my legs so I could stretch them. Dad watched my reaction, grinned slightly then put two fingers in my pussy and continued to stroke me.

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