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#141139 - But she was embraced, she is shy, tomorrow I am going to have 1 of the other girls record me fucking her, and tell her that I am going to put it online, I am going to cover her face in my cum, and make her sleep like that, I will tell her slaves have no rights, me as her Daddy/Master/owner makes all of her decisions for her from where I cum, to what she wears, to how she acts. Since then we have been together, I took Candy down and got her on birth control, but Raven ended up pregnant, 2 weeks later I married Raven, but we have kept Candy as our nanny, older sister, but we all share the same bed and when 1 of the girls are indisposed I have sex with the other 1, they have both become wonderful cock suckers, and Candy loves to have her Daddy cum in her mouth.

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Queen beryl
Prince yashua but who is the girl
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