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#47343 - With both of your hands on the back of my head you pulled my mouth down to the base and held my mouth as Bruce started to cum into my closed mouth around his vercock as Bruce filled my with cum I swallowed ++++++±+++++++++ My first black cock gay event My nurse Lisa said that that her brother has a friend that new me when I was I prison and she told me that I have black cock feaver is what he brother told her and she told me that we will find out tonight After the night medicine she came into my room and with Kenny she she pulled back the curtains on her uncle Billy and once she got Billy naked Lisa stepped back as I moved over to Billy and with out thinking all I wanted him was more and I moved over and I pulled back the blanket on him and I reach into his diaper and pulled his cock with my fingers. With my head bobbing up and down Billy pushes my head down as he shot his first to loads of his come into my stomach.   Kenny said, You keep this in your ass and hold all my come.

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