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#129177 - For the journey Brenda made herself a little bottle of Vodka and lemonade to help with her nerves. I heard Brenda tell the lad he was lucky as l had gone to the bar so wouldn’t be back for at least an hour or more, it went quiet then l heard Brenda say ‘mmm yes’, and the lad utter ‘oh, your wet’ then it went silent, l sneaked into the chalet to see Brenda against the wall and the lad with his back to me, his hand was between her legs, her knickers around one ankle, l got into a better position so should the lad turn around he wouldn’t see me watching. Brenda started rubbing his crutch, he unbuckled his trousers which slid to the ground she reached into his pants to take hold of his cock and gave a little purr ‘mmm’ before wanking him, his mouth was now pressed against hers the other guy watching was franticly wanking his cock.

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Hayate ayasaki
Would love to have chanco go this beach