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#138501 - One last little tease, thought Vicki, and she asked, Now, what is it you want me to do to you, I seem to have forgotten, it's been so many years!!! Jesus, Vicki, Teri moaned loudly, eat me for god's sake, you're driving me up the wall! Vicki chuckled, dropped to her knees, and the buried her mouth on the sweetest pussy she had ever tasted, and within two or three hard licks, Teri was having the first good orgasm since the death of her husband. Now, observed Vicki, while feeling Teri's open slit, it seems that you have a problem in your vagina, and I was wondering if there was any way I could fix it for you? Please Vicki, Teri pleaded, don't make me beg you, just do it!!! I'm surprised at you, rebuked Vicki, you know that I always make you beg for it, do you think a little passage of time will change that fact!?! No, Teri panted, I'm sorry, please, take care of it for me, I promise I'll be a good little girl!!! In the old da

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