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#119171 - as he slowly started to offically rape me he felt my hymen smiled pulled his dick out then he shoved the whole thing in with one push and i screamed at the top of my lungs in pain and he didn't even care he just kept going like that for four hours strait and then he told me to laydown on my stoach and still crying i did he then said i am going to ass fuck you now and sure enought he shoved his whole dick up there in one puhd and i passed out from the paim but i was still half awake but i couldn't feel anyhting but i knwe he was still fucking me in the ass then he stopped and said i am happy so you can go hame now and he stood up got dressed and walked out of the tunnel and i decided to go home as i was walking home i could of sworn someone was watching me but i didn't see anyine this time so when i got home i decided to go to bed but then i was complety sure i heard somthing down stairs. as i was walking all i could think about was being home alone while my parents

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