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#230262 - “A little humiliation is part of the punishment” he whispered harshly. After a few minutes, almost as though he could read my mind, I heard Bill say “She also tastes really good Fred, taste her if you like!” Now in spite of the fact that I was almost dripping with perspiration and cunt juices, this was too much and I yelled “Don’t you dare!” Immediately I received another stinging slash across my already burning arse which caused me to scream as bill yelled “Don’t you tell me what I can or cannot do – not while you’re showing your dripping cunt to another man!” and, with that, Bill and Fred each pulled an ankle to the side so that my legs were spread wide and I screamed again, but this time with pleasure, as I felt a tongue lap at my cunt from the clit to my arsehole. “You know I can’t pee with anyone watching I argued” which got a chuckle from both men and Bill said “Well, it’s up to you”.

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Windows nt
Like damn that is soooo good
Myuria tionysus
Bright lights behind her fucking head i hate that
Nico robin
She sounds like abella danger