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#329505 - Sands, the conductor explained, I know you have a reservation for a private berth, but due to over booking all we have left is a compartment for two!!!” “Your berth mate is a nice young man, so we hope you can see your way clear to accept these alternate accommodations at no cost to you of course!!! The train was about to leave the station and Vic Sands was just finding out that his reservation on the Overland Chief from Chicago to Seattle was not being honored because of some stupid bureaucratic bungling! He had hoped to spend his travel time alone in his room reading and sleeping, but now that would be quite impossible, so with an obvious look of disgust on his face, Vic grudgingly accepted the conductor's offer and stowed his luggage in his berth and headed off to the observation car for a drink. A very unaware Seth looked at Vic and said, I'll just be a few minutes, and then you can have it! Vic, trying to act nonchalant replied, “Take your time, I won't need o

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What class is this one then
Like if you want to do this to me