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#307292 - Grasping your hips it plunges its cock into your pussy and up into your womb…you orgasm … it releases your hips but grabs the braids of your hair and using them as reins starts pounding into your well lubricated canal seeming to drive deeper and hard on each stroke and you want more as you cum again… after what seems like an hour it stops and pulls out releases your hair but then grabs your ass cheeks spreads them wide and forces its cock passed your sphincter and into your tight confines going in over half way then stops and pulls back. Dreamscape torture and illicit fun Dedicated to the woman of my dreams and the torture she put me through Ahhh you feel so satisfied after a night of fun with your man but you had to part company and thus you slowly crawl into bed and remember that the night before you had teased him unmercifully and he told you this morning he FELT and reacted to your dreams in his sleep. The feeling of fulness almost chokes you but as it uses your ass you once

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