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#305967 - -Cindy was exited so was Jen -were going to have sex and they’re going to film it-silence and opened mouths. I didn’t have the chance to talk to Jennifer until the ride back from school the next day , we sat together on the school bus -What happened why did you leave like that this morning? – I whispered very softly so no one would hear what I was saying -I had to go- she said softly -but why? I thought you were having a good time- I got closer to her ear and told her -I had to go because I was about to let you put in me- she whispered in my ear Fuck, I didn’t say anything, of course I didn’t know what to say!, my cock was pulsating, I stayed quiet the rest of the ride home As soon as we walked through the door of our house, I jumped Jen, I wrapped my arms around her and started touching her breasts, I was standing behind her so I had a good grip on her, she put her hands over mine and held them over her small breasts, I started kissing the back of her neck, my right hand fou

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