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#287053 - She fisted her medicine cabinet and scattered everything but what she walked away with, and circling back she curtsied in her closet for some other items and flung the lot of her gatherings at his face as she walked back through the bedroom into the kitchen: the crass tube of lube, an equally vulgar butt-plug – a D-cell, 9 volt quaker, unchristened – and a wooden ping-pong paddle and two pairs of novelty handcuffs variously bounced and clanged off George’s forehead into his lap. §§§ George Lawrence & Geraldine Margaret (Maggie) Satellite were fraternal twins, rich and once celebrated, inarguably talented and intelligent if not particularly schooled, still young and, especially Maggie, attractive. He unshackled her wrists and unknotted the ties at her ankles, eased Maggie off of the chair standing, and took the seat facing her; she started to re-secure herself around him to the bed rungs, but he drew her by her waist to him and kissed her womb, then tugged at her hips for her

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