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#196980 - I could feel his soft fur and his paws as he tried to mount me. Before I knew it Tank started thrusting in and out, making me his bitch, I screamed “Fuck me Tank! Harder! Yes, please, make me your bitch, I’m yours!” I was so into what I was doing I didn’t even hear my boyfriend walk in. “What are you a little doggy slut now?” Said my boyfriend as he stood in front of me, “yes, yes I am, and I love it!” “You want to be a little slut! I’ll treat you like a slut that you are!” With that he unzipped his pants and put his semi hard dick in my mouth, “suck it you little slut! How do you like that, a doggy dick in your pussy and a dick in your mouth! Suck it like the whore you are!” I was so turned on, I sucked and pulled his dick in my mouth deep throating him with every thrust from Tank.

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