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#367423 - The weekend had gone well, both girls had really enjoyed the guys and animals, Steve told us word was getting around, and they all wanted more fun with us, we had no problem with that, but Jan had to get out from Dave without him getting suspicious, we told Steve we would organise another night as soon as we could. Sunday was nice and sunny, a swim and some food got us going, we each took time out to get ready internally, as the day went on, Steve enjoyed fucking Jan’s ass a few times before it was stretched open to much, then I helped him dp her ass, both of us fucking her as Joy got her pussy eaten out, later Joy put the big 12 inch dildo in the strap on, and fucked Jan’s ass with it, I wanted it next, so Jan took to my ass and fucked me with it and fisted me too. The four of us fucked her for some 5 minutes like this, than one after the other we filled her holes with hot cum, each time her body shook in orgasmic bliss, it was then I got another guy to lay down his cock in

Read Fuck Morgan, Astolfo to Nakayoku naru - Fate grand order Publico Morgan, Astolfo to Nakayoku naru

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