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#360470 - It was a few weeks later when you told work you were having a week off holiday time, you’d asked me if I’d like to meet up with you of course I said yes, I wasn’t going to say not to a sexy man like you, not one I really liked You had bought your tickets and things were set, now all you had to do was decide what to pack, a week of being in England, a week to see me for real in the flesh, you couldn’t wait to get on the plane. You stepped out of the back and I saw the smile I had loved so much in your pictures, quickly we hugged and our tongues met, my hands wrapped around your neck as I pulled your body against mine, your hands going to my face you held me close as our kiss continued your hand moved down and rubbed my ass through my pants squeezing the cheeks as I giggled into my mouth as we kissed harder, the taxi driver watching as this man and young woman kiss like nothing he’d ever seen. Arriving in England, you woke on the plane; you had fallen asleep on route and had

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