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#297383 - It was 4pm and helen was due to be home, I doze or on the lounge Because next thing I feel is Helen had easd my pants down, and was grinding her pussy on my dick getting me hard and waking me up, when i wake up we kiss, and slides onto me, as she appologises for being late, but vet surgery class ran longer than usual, and we have to be quick as her dad and sister be home for dinner soon (Helen is studying to be a Veterinary Surgeon ) I reach down and play with her clit and suck on her Titties, this i know will send her over the edge very quickly, her tits seems to have the most sensitive sexually feeling which drives her crazy, she cums twice within 10 mins or so, and the second time i blast into her, when finished, she get up, goes to her room, and tells me to clean up myself. She then tell says to George, ive just got to speak to Nathan about this afternoon in private, he said sure, don't take too long, we dont want to keep Helen waiting She takes me up to the spare bedr

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