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#129113 - Shelly smiled and Gina in her excited young teen voice replied OMG you like my mate Shelly don't you ? What about Billy shes with Billy ? How long she been with Billy ? i said 2 weeks replied Gina Fuck Billy he's a clown she can do better than that piece of shit illl smash his fucking face in the idiot , lets get the fuck out of here lets go up to the park its doing my head in here sitting with all this mob come on lets go ill buy you both a drink and some fags . I used to sit in the local park bench next to all the other no-gooders in the summer our numbers could swell to 30 this including the older alkies and addicts in there 30's 40's 50's 60's etc it could get quite crazy some days and the police were never far away. Shelly also liked her crack and drink .

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