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#212014 - ‘fine hun, you?’ as I slipped my arm around him and we walked off. His hand strayed to my chest, struggling with my coat buttons, ‘wait’ I whispered and helped him undo them, I pulled my coat open for him, moved closer and let him touch me, ‘im sorry they aren’t real though’ I breathed, ‘they are real enough to me’, he whispered back, they feel beautiful, like you’, we both giggled at that, ‘sorry, lame schoolboy comment’ he said, I smiled ‘don’t stop, just touch me please’ he moved his hand lower, I straddled the bench and felt his hands wander over my bum, tracing the cleft with his finger, trying to reach my magic place, me touching the bulge in his jeans, ‘hello’ I whispered, feeling his straining hardness, ‘look what you’ve done’ he said. mmmm’.

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