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#94520 - Amy plopped down on the bed and began paging through a magazine while asking almost absentmindedly, You've been acting kinda strangely for the past few weeks, you got something bothering you? Joanne pulled a blue sweater over her head and was reaching for her plaid skirt when she burst into tears and replied, God, Amy, I've really done it this time!!! Amy looked up with a quizzical look on her face and asked softly, What, what have you done this time? Amy had known Joanne for most of their eighteen and a half years and was used to her emotional out bursts, but this time her best friend seemed to be really stressed out! Y-you promise not to laugh or tell anyone? Joanne sniffled. After taking a deep breath Joanne turned to face her Amy and then without warning spread her legs and thrust out her pussy towards her stunned friend's face! See, Joanne wailed, what am I gonna do?!? Amy's mouth sagged open as she gazed at the huge clit that forced its way thro

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Alice kuonji
I would have loved to have seen you get fucked in that gorgeous sub looking blouse with the top button done up xx